This being the latest form of printing technology and we can bet to see huge technological advancements to this printing method in the following years to come, most likely being the time frame of a print in the process being cut down by half, which means for pushing production.

For this technology there are no limitations when it comes to the colour range, you can easily print super fine detailed designs and photorealistic images onto your garments without the printer even breaking a sweat. This is one of the aspects that makes this printing method so extremely appealing to most consumers.

Orders with lower quantities or even one-off prints are doable with DTG printing since there’s literally no setup costs involved. This is a huge advantage that this printing method has over screen printing, you can do sample prints and see what your artwork looks like on a shirt, and if you’re keen on doing a re-run on that specific design it’s as easy as one, two, three and the printer can re-print your artwork for you.

So how does this awesome printing method work its magic you may ask? A DTG printer lets you render images in high-resolution, fine and intricate details, and literally the full-colour spectrum. This means for super crisp, vibrant and highly detailed prints onto your garments, so to achieve the best results, and we can’t stress this enough, always make sure your artwork is as high res as possible.

Another huge advantage is a quicker turn time. Compared to other printing methods, DTG printing offers the quickest turnaround time by leaps and bounds, with almost no setup costs, since you don’t have to colour-separate or vectorize artwork. With DTG, you could prepare, print and cure 10 shirts in under 30 minutes; comparatively, screen printing a five-colour job on 10 shirts could take up to four hours, from separations to clean up.

Custom is the way to go. With customization and personalization trends continuing to be top of mind at retail, you can fulfill highly custom orders with a DTG printer, competing with online T-shirt companies and even starting your very own online store if you have a reliable printer to source your printing work from. You don’t have to deal with stockpiling up or take the risk of up-front costs, and print your merchandise on-demand as orders come through.

Start sampling. With a DTG printer, you can print lots of sample T-shirts and give them out to prospects and customers so they can literally wear your work and experience its quality.

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