The Get Podcast: Russell Grant

Last week the first-ever episode of The Get Podcast went live! We’ve been working on this podcast behind the scenes for a while now so finally being able to share the first episode with all of you was incredibly exciting for us. You may be wondering, why would a wholesale apparel company make a podcast? Our answer pretty much boils down to “Why not?”. 

So many of our clients and peers have inspired us throughout the years with their innovative ideas, and we want to share this inspiration with all of you! So we decided the best way for us to do this would be a podcast. This allows us to have a conversation with the guest in a comfortable environment, instead of having it be a straight interview.

In this first episode of our all-new podcast, we had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Russell Grant. Russel is a South African entrepreneur and musician, most well known for playing in the band Shortstraw, he’s also started some incredibly creative businesses! Our interview takes place in his independent cinema, The Bioscope, located in 44 Stanley. He’s also the founder of the clothing brand Limited Edish, which collaborates with artists from all over the world to make limited runs of gorgeous shirts.

You can listen to the full podcast to hear all about his other endeavors, but in this blog, I want to focus on one thing that really stood out to me throughout this interview. Something that Russell called “good juju” in business.

It came from a story he was telling about a shirt that Limited Edish wanted to do featuring the logo from the old Hillbrow Record Centre in Johannesburg. So many people have such fond memories of this place and what it meant to them that he decided it would be a good idea to make a shirt to commemorate it. However, he wanted to do it with the “right juju” so instead of simply putting out the shirt and hoping for the best, he started trying to contact the owner of the old record store to get his blessing. 

After struggling to get a hold of the owner for quite a while, Russell discovered that he had some mutual friends with the owner’s son, who is a business owner in Cape Town and contacted him. After a little bit of back and forth he got the blessing from their parents and the shirt was a go, quickly becoming one of Limited Edish’s most popular shirts.

Shortly after releasing someone who knew the owners asked Russell whether he had gotten permission to release the shirt and he could honestly answer that he had tracked them down and got their blessing. You can listen to the full podcast to get the whole story in Russell’s words, but this really spoke to us. 

It’s just a small isolated story but it sets a precedent. What Russell calls ‘good juju’ could also simply be called good business practice, but it’s so much more than just that. Going out of your way in whatever business you’re in to conduct business in a way that’s not just legal, but also ethical is incredibly important when trying to establish a successful business over the long-term. It’s these small actions that start adding up over years and years of running a business that will eventually lead to a client base and business relationships that simply cannot be bought. 

This story is just a simple way to illustrate that it’s infinitely better to approach any business idea with the mindset of “How can I do this in the best possible way?” instead of “What can I get away with?”. 

Look out for more podcasts like this very soon, and check out the first episode here.

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