What a year.

Not a single person could have predicted how this year would go. Everyone has had to adapt in some way or another and it’s actually amazing to see what people are capable of under such extraordinary circumstances. From people in Italy playing music from their balconies during hard lockdown to musicians starting food drives in South Africa, everyone did whatever they could to make the lives of those around them a little bit better despite also going through difficult times themselves. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see people coming together through tough times like this.

Not letting adversity get in the way of achieving your goals has definitely been a theme throughout this year. Entrepreneurs and businesses have all had to adapt to survive, and we’re no different. However, as detailed in a blog from earlier this year, we tried to look at the challenges that we’ve faced throughout the year as opportunities to innovate what we do, and how we do it.

Through all this, 2020 has been an incredible year for In.It Apparel. We’ve faced more challenges than ever before, but we’ve also evolved the business to brand new heights that we’re incredibly proud of, so we thought we’d write this blog to look at some of the highlights of the year!

Our entire business model has changed throughout the year, the first change being bringing all production in-house. This was done so that we have full control over the production process and has led to a massive increase in quality. Another side-effect of this has been creating new jobs in our sewing team, which has been growing throughout the year, and is something we’re incredibly proud of. We have an amazing team of people right now and we appreciate each and every one of them! 

We’ve also gained some new staff in nearly all areas of the business throughout the year and have built a team that we’re all proud to be a part of. Everyone has taken on their role and brought their own unique insight and energy to it, and we’re very thankful to everyone we have on-board. 

The scariest thing we did this year was moving the entire business from our previous premises into our new space at 44 Stanley. This was a key move to enable a lot of the other progress we’ve made this year. Making the business more accessible to the public, enabling us to have a retail storefront, as well as the brand new In.It Express service.

In.It Express is a service that we’re so excited about, and judging by the reactions from all of you so far, we’re not alone in that. The printing industry has always been a little bit closed off from the public. Just a couple of years ago, getting a high-quality one-off shirt printed for a reasonable price (and quickly) just wasn’t possible. We wanted to change that. Now you can simply walk into our store with a photo or design, and a couple of minutes later walk out with your custom shirt. 

We’ve even launched In.It Express Online so this same service is available to you, no matter where you are in the country! 

Alongside all of these innovations we’ve done a lot of smaller internal things to not only make our services better, but bring more value to our customers. Launching an all-new podcast, giving back where we can, tailoring services to different kinds of clients and so much more.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to all our customers. We wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for each and every one of you and we’ll always be grateful for that! We’ve got so much more planned for 2021 and all of it is only possible because of the support you’ve shown.

We hope all of you have a great holiday season and stay safe out there! 

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