Today we’re going in-depth on our recently launched Express printing service, In.It Express.

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This new service is something we’ve been incredibly excited to do for a long time, and in 2020 we finally got to make it a reality.

So what exactly is it?

In.It Express is our retail printing service that enables you to print your own custom design or photo onto one of our high-quality locally made garments, or even onto your own supplied garments. 

And here’s the kicker, it’s really quick! If you come into our store at 44 Stanley with your design ready you can have your brand new shirt ready to wear in about 10 minutes.

At this point you might be thinking a couple of things like “It’s probably super expensive” or “It’s one of those prints that feels like a sticker”, but no.

Our pricing is competitive and practically identical to what you would pay for a branded shirt in a retail outlet, and so is the quality of the print.

We do this by making use of a relatively new printing technique, which is called Direct to Garment printing. You can read more about DTG here, but for now all you need to know is that it provides a high-quality, great feeling, high-resolution and full-colour print.

The next question you might be asking yourself is “How do I use this service?”

There’s two main ways. You can either come into our retail storefront that’s located at 44 Stanley Johannesburg, or you can easily order online as well.

If you come into the store all you need is your design or photo that you’d like to print. You can either just have it on your phone and email it through to us, or bring it on a flash drive, whatever is easiest. We can print nearly any file format, the only requirement is that it’s at least 300 DPI resolution to ensure a crisp and detailed print (no one wants a pixelated shirt). Then you can simply select which garment you’d like to print onto by going through our in-store selection. If you’d like to print on a shirt you already own, make sure that it’s at least 50% cotton (100% cotton is preferable) and just bring it along, easy as that!

If you aren’t in Johannesburg or don’t have means to get to the store, you can also order online! Simply go to the website at, login or register, select a garment from the list of available options, then choose a design from our preloaded selection, or upload your file, place it on the shirt, and then proceed to checkout. Your order will then be printed and shipped to you in about 48 hours. You’ll notice that there’s no option for pickup online, this is because the in-store process is so quick that if you’d like to pick up the garment, you might as well just have it printed in-store while you wait (plus, then you can see it being printed, exciting!) 

You’ll also have to come into the store if you want to print on your own shirt as shipping a single shirt back and forth for printing would be too costly (both environmentally as well as financially).

So there you have it! Everything you might need to know in order to make the most of this amazing service.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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