Starting A Brand

Today we’ll be going over setting up the foundations of a brand new clothing brand so you can know exactly what you need to do to get your brand up and running.

You can also check out this tutorial in video form here.

Building a foundation

When you build a house, you don’t start with the windows or the garden, you start by laying a foundation. It’s exactly the same for your clothing brand. So what does a foundation for a clothing brand look like? 

Well, it’s split up into four main components and we’ll go over each on their own, but these are your Concept, Website, Product, Social Media Presence.

Part 1: Concept

The concept is a really important thing to have down and is therefore a good place to start. The concept is essentially the reason your clothing brand exists. You might already have a clear idea of what you want to do in your head, but putting your concept down on paper and constantly refining it is a great way to make sure you don’t lose direction and your brand stays on track with what it is meant to be. 

A good way  to do this is to write your concept into a vision script for the next year or so, how do you want things to go? And then supplement this by writing a short and concise elevator pitch for your brand. Having both the long and short version will be very helpful down the line.

Your concept should also make sense for your target market. If you don’t know what your target market is you can check out our blog or video on that subject.

Part 2: Website

In the absence of a physical store, your website is essentially your brand’s headquarters. Therefore you’ll want your website to look as professional as possible, be easy to use, and embody the essence of your brand on every single page.

There are a ton of great website building tools that make it easy for someone with no experience to create their own great looking website from scratch, some of the ones that come to mind are Squarespace or Shopify. We would recommend using Shopify as it has great features and integration with other tools you might already be using, and makes running an online store so much easier.

So basically just make sure that you have a website, that looks good and fits your brand, and most importantly, that works well and is easy to use for your customers.

Part 3: Product

Of course, if you want to be a brand that sells something, you need to have something to sell! Ensuring that your product is of high-quality and is something that people will buy is of course a necessary thing in any clothing brand.

Make samples, talk to your friends and family and try to narrow it down to the one or two products that you know will sell. A lot of brands try to do too much too quickly and want to launch with like 15 different garments, but you really don’t have to. From our experience it’s far better to start with one really good product and then expand from there.

Also be careful when choosing suppliers. You’ll want to make sure that the quality is at the level you’re expecting and that the cost will still leave room for you to make a profit at the price your target market is willing to pay. Consistency is also key so if you find a good supplier, be sure to build a good working relationship with them. This will be vital for the longevity of your brand.

Part 4: Social Media

No one’s going to buy a product that they don’t know exists, so you need to get your products out there! The best way to do it in this day and age is by far social media. We’ve done a couple of videos and blogs going in-depth on this topic for you.

Just remember that the goal of your social media isn’t to push products into people’s faces, but it’s to add value to your brand. Give people a reason to want to be associated with your brand. People don’t buy clothes out of necessity, they buy them as an accessory so you have to create a reason for someone to want to buy your clothes instead of someone else’s. 

With all four of these in place your foundation is complete! That doesn’t mean that you’re done and it’s smooth sailing from here on out though, you’ll need to constantly come back and tweak and update these foundations until they work. Don’t get demotivated if you set all this up and then the customers don’t come flooding in, take a deep breath, go back to the start, and adapt based on what you’ve learned. If you keep going through that process you’ll learn so much and eventually figure out how to make your brand successful.

We make these tutorials for you, so please let us know what you’d like to learn more about! Leave us a comment with anything you’d like to learn and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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