At the end of 2021 (1st of December to be precise) we moved from our beloved home at 44 Stanley Avenue to a new space at Victoria Yards. This move might have come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but to us, there was no better option! 

We wanted to shed some light on this incredible space so we’ve decided to dedicate this blog entirely to everything we love about our new home, Victoria Yards.

Redefining the Joburg inner-city landscape.

The main philosophy behind In.It since the start has been “Inspire Your Surroundings”, and there’s no better example of this concept in action than Victoria Yards. By building an eco-system in an urban complex that focuses as much on social development as it does on commercial enterprise, Victoria Yards has created such a unique experience for its tenants.

You can very clearly see this transformation in this photo below: 

Photo credit.

Situated in the impoverished area of Lorentzville Johannesburg, Victoria Yards used to be in pretty rough shape before the developer Brian Green came into the picture. When he first came across the site he said it was “a complete mess”, but he could see the site’s potential. As long as the project connected with, and uplifted the local community, he knew it could work. Six years later, this has definitely turned into something very special.

From Art to Farming.

Victoria Yards is home to a host of different industries and enterprises. One of the most unique of which are the efforts to develop something of an urban farm. Walking through the premises you’ll see fruits and vegetables being grown absolutely everywhere. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it also creates jobs and opportunities for income generation! 

Another thing you’ll see a lot of in Victoria Yards is artisanal workshops and studios. The space is perfect for people needing somewhere to do their steelwork, woodwork, sculpting or any type of making. Providing not only an amazing space to work in, but an incredible community of people to share and grow with. 

It is also a very artistic space with multiple prominent art galleries present, this certainly generates a very creative environment. And of course, what goes better with fine art than great food? There is a great selection of food available as well as the First Sunday Markets that are held on the first Sunday of each month. There is always something going on which makes it an incredibly exciting space to find ourselves in. 

There are so many great success stories of individuals and businesses that have come to Victoria Yards, we’d highly recommend reading around their website to learn more about some of the different businesses and individuals. You might just find your new favourite local business that you never knew existed! 

If you’ve never been to this gem of a location before and it sounds interesting to you, come on through and say hi! It’s definitely a place you’ll want to experience at least once. 

All information found on the Victoria Yards website here.

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